About us

Why we started Synvenio?

We are chemists by training working on the border between chemistry and life science and have collaborated with many life scientists. As researchers at a university in the Netherlands we have experienced a language barrier between chemists and life scientists. What we have
also experienced is that overcoming this barrier can be the basis of beautiful multidisciplinairy research. Therefore it is our goal to forge
a bridge between these disciplines to ensure validated chemical
tools are not forgotten and to provide life scientists with additional valuable tools which will hopefully spark new discoveries.


Our proposition

We offer unique products by developing them ourselves or based on recent literature.

We listen to the community to offer the most relevant products and information.

We provide extensive literature-based product information.


The knowledge

We have created a way to find relevant products for your research without the need for a chemical background. The products have extensive literature-based information which has been selected by talking to you, the life scientist. This saves you time, not having to dig through literature and otherwise unnoticed products might spark new ideas and make your research more efficient.


The products

Synvenio offers small molecules that act on a cellular level and allow for modulation, visualization or isolation of biomolecules and cellular processes. Our catalog consists of products that we produce ourselves and from third-parties. In this way we aim to provide both novel or commercially unavailable products but also maintaining a comprehensive catalog of all the relevant tools available.

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