Azide containing biotinylation reagent

Product ID: SV5700
Synonyms: Biotin-PEG3-Azide
Tags: Azide, Bioorthogonal chemistry
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BiotinAz - 25 mg
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BiotinAz - 100 mg
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Product information

  • Function

    BiotinAz can be used to biotinylate alkyne containing metabolic labels using bioorthogonal chemistry.12 The biotin handle can then be used in combination with various (strept)avidin constructs to enable the isolation, staining and fluorescent labeling of the biotinylated constructs.

  • Mode of action

    BiotinAz contains a biotin affinity handle, a hydrophilic polyethylene glycol (PEG) linker and an azide group. The azide group can be reacted selectively with alkyne containing biomolecules in complex biological samples on either live of fixed cells. This reaction is catalyzed by a copper catalyst which is cytotoxic at high concentrations and long reaction times. Hence, we recommend the use of copper binding ligands which accelerate the azide alkyne cycloaddition reaction, allows for the use of a lower copper concentration and short reaction times thereby reducing cytotoxicity. Excess BiotinAz is washed away after the labeling step and a (strept)avidin reagent of choice can be used to enable the isolation of visualization of biotinylated constructs.

  • Applications

    Biotinylation of alkyne containing biomolecules on live or fixed cells. The biotin handle can then be used with a (strept)avidin reagent of choice to enable the isolation or visualization of biotinylated contructs.

  • Handling

    BiotinAz is soluble in PBS and is added to cell culture from a stock solution. For the labeling with BiotinAz using THPTA please use this protocol.

  • Chemical Information

    CAS No.: 875770-34-6
    SMILES: [H][C@]1(CS[C@H]2CCCCC(NCCOCCOCCOCCN=[N+]=[N-])=O)[C@]2([H])NC(N1)=O
    Chemical formula: C18H32N6O5S
    Molecular weight: 444.55
    Purity: > 95%
    Identity: 1H NMR
    Shipping temperature: 20°C
    Storage temperature: -20°C


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